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Photographing in Iceland, July 9 - July 18, 2010. Ten days.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to photograph in the field with Michael and Paula, who are recognized as two of the most accomplished photographers of the natural landscape.

The workshop will be one of intensive photographing at selected places in Iceland. Every day will be devoted to making photographs in this magnificent country. Based on our experience of seven-weeks photographing in Iceland in 2004 and seven-weeks photographing there in 2006, we will take you to what we feel are the places that offer the best photographic opportunities.

This workshop is not format specific. In 2006 we had a 35mm photographer and a 35mm digital photographer with us as well as large format photographers.

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Full Workshop Description

The first day we will begin by taking a brief look at participants' photographs. Bring a selection of up to 20 prints of your previous work. These can be unmounted. We will then show and briefly discuss our own work in the context of our visual concerns we have and our approach to "seeing." This will not be a "we went here and did this" type of presentation. The purpose of this is to help expand your way of approaching making photographs. A number of participants at our Vision and Technique Workshops have reported that this was one of the most informative and rewarding parts of the workshop in terms of their own work.

Either at the first photographing location or even before we leave Reykjavik, we will spend some time looking on the ground glass with each participant, demonstrating a way to use the camera that few people consider. This will have nothing to do with using swings and tilts, but will be more about how to approach any subject in a truly visual manner. If you have not experienced this before, we guarantee that it will open your eyes to new visual possibilities and will enrich your photographing experience in Iceland beyond what you may have imagined.

During the workshop we will discuss aspects of making photographs. Topics will include: exposing negatives, use of filters, organization in the field and the keeping of proper and efficient records, and anything else participants would like to discuss.

We will provide everything you will need for the workshop: all ground transportation while you are participating in the workshop, lodging, and food.

You will be responsible for your airfare to Iceland. You will also need to bring a sleeping bag and tent. (In a pinch, we do have two tents we can lend to two of the participants if necessary.)

Lodging: Whenever possible we will be staying in hotels or in places that provide beds although you must provide your own sleeping bags. Some days we will be in places where no such facilities are available and there we will camp out in tents. Because the places to photograph in Iceland are somewhat weather dependent, we cannot make reservations in advance. If everyone likes a particular place we may stay there for two days, or if the weather is bad, we could skip it completely.

Meals: Although because we want to spend as much time as possible photographing, most meals will be eaten in the field. We will provide camp cooks--ourselves and our assistants. Whenever possible we will eat in restaurants.

This workshop is limited to 9 participants. Because the Icelandic Krona has dropped, we have lowered the workshop fee to $4,250. To reserve a place, send a $500 deposit. We do accept credit cards. The balance will be due no later than January 1. The deposit is non-refundable. Should you have to drop out, the balance is refundable when we fill your place. (If for any reason we do not hold the workshop, of course we will refund your deposit.)

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To sign up or if you have further questions:

Email: michaelandpaula@michaelandpaula.com
Phone: (610) 847-2005
Mail : P.O. Box 400 Ottsville, PA 18942 USA



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